100% Genuine Luwak Coffee

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Our mouJa Luwak is genuinely pure Luwak Coffee and we do not mix the Luwak Coffee with other non-Luwak coffee. Luwak Coffee has a unique coffee process to present a smooth and full bodied coffee with a long-lasting aftertaste of dark chocolate.


Our Luwaks are farmed in West Java. We cooperate with our local farmers and we also care about the animal through our friendly farming program.


Our friendly farming provides a comfortable place for the civets cats or the Luwak. We've heard reports about the abnormal behaviours of Luwak such as repeated pacing or circling their own cage, or even biting the cage. This behaviour signs a high level of stress. The low stress-level sign that can be noticed is when the Civets have a runny-nose. Based on our experience we start seeing civet with a runny nose after 6 months living in cage at longest. In this case, what do we do then? 

Our farm will release the Luwak directly back to the wild. Some may argue that we will lost our assets (the Luwak or the Civets). But our experience has shown amazingly that these Luwak will come back to our farm after at least 2 months. 

100% Genuine Luwak Coffee

Grind size
  • Brewing method : pour over

    Grind size : medium grind for drip pots, a bit finer than for Chemex

    Dosage : 10 mg

    Total water : 120 ml  (1:12)

    Water temperature : 75 °C

    Blooming time and ratio : 30 sec for 40 ml







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